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Comal Trails Alliance

We encourage the continued development of local trails and active transportation options in Comal County. Area trails support the local economy and encourage healthier lifestyles for ALL residents and visitors by connecting people to their community.

The Comal Trails Alliance supports our local Parks and Recreation Departments. We host volunteer work days, sponsor workshops and seminars, educate our community on the importance of trails, and, with outreach efforts, seek to identify needs and trail connections for all areas within Comal County.


  • Maintain, Improve and Develop Local Trails.
  • Raise Awareness of the Importance of Trails.
  • Promote Health and Wellness.
  • Protect and Enjoy Natural Resources.
  • Partner with Citizens, Businesses, Schools and Civic Organizations.

More Trails = More Sales!

Businesses and home owners desire the same types of environments: safe, attractive, accessible communities. Opportunities for walking, biking, and connecting with nature enhance quality of life.

Trails Impact Community

  • Create Safe Routes for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
  • Increase Property Values
  • Provide Opportunities to be Physically Active
  • Maintain Community Charm and Spirit
  • Develop a Sense of Togetherness

Trails Impact Economy

  • Attract High Quality Events and Tourism
  • Decrease Health Care Costs
  • Create Jobs and Investment Opportunities
  • Increase Consumer Spending
  • Increase Property Value


We work to create trails connecting communities and providing opportunities for education, health, preservation and enjoyment of the natural resources in Comal County!

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